Are you ready when the media calls?

When I bought the John Lennon molar at auction last November it was like being out in the ocean on a surf board and seeing the chance to ride the one perfect wave. There may be times that you choose to let a big opportunity roll by and for example let a more prominent surfer grab the big one. I would say, get in there and go for it.

In my case I had already written a book and there was a section on celebrity smiles so there was a way to work that into the news stories. The odd news of buying John Lennon’s tooth was simply too unusual for the media to resist. I had the gut feeling that it was one of those experiences that would looked on by some as ‘disgusting’ and by others like Dr. Howard Farran as ‘the smartest marketing idea ever’.

In my case the celebrity association got the wheels rolling, but behind the scenes I was shooting out press releases to all the big players. I had taken a course about publicity the year prior and it helped prepare me for this ride. I totally ignored the negative commentary, except from Bill O’Reilly. Any time you can get kicked by someone with his position, it’s worth it. I wrote a short book to document some of the fun called ‘John Lennon Tooth’, appeared in a celebrity DNA documentary and continue to milk the story. Locally a magazine just featured me as a local celebrity and a two page feature, cover listing and with 30,000 distribution. I could have said, no thanks, but why not? There are pocket books that help you prepare for working with the press.

Charity is also an angle that easily attracts attention, so a ‘free dental day’ is an idea (I wrote a book or five/six, one called ‘Pro Bono Dental’ available on sold without markup, if interested in some ideas). Being the rebel or someone who is willing to speak out against the mainstream experts can be another angle (I keep an eye on Dr. Oz and his dental experts). New innovations are also considered of interest to the media.

Today a friend is being visited by the media and I simply gave her a few words of advice…keep it simple, repeat the same basic message and don’t talk using too many brands. We all do many things but being known for a something unique keeps constant focus. You can and should work at being a celebrity in your area, and if you are not feeling worthy then take some steps to become what you want to be.