Snooki DDS – How Celebrities Can Help Dentists Destroy Teeth

You may resent the fact that a person without a dental degree is able to instantly modify the thinking of your patients with a simple press release. U.S. reality television star Snooki sharing her new veneer smile on Twitter and Facebook could easily lead many young impressionable girls to consider asking for porcelain teeth to replace their natural smiles. Who should be held responsible?

We know dentists use celebrities to help promote their practices and this actually can lead to ‘celebrity abuse.’ My own exploitation of John Lennon’s rotten molar into all kinds of publicity stunts and even an upgraded seat on Anderson Cooper LIVE and a better price on an expensive coat are harmless when compared to how a cosmetic dentist could cross the line. You can imagine the racing heart of a dentist who is setting a celebrity up for a smile makeover…it’’s their BIG BREAK.

The issue is certain celebrities can send shock waves of stupidity across the nation like a virus. Sadly, aesthetic dentists will often take full advantage of the public’s lack of understanding of the long term costs and complications from aggressive, expensive and harmful veneer procedures. The celebrity is an innocent pawn in the equation and unless I am proven wrong with intra-oral photographs and radiographs, my guess is ‘Snook got took.’

Yesterday, I did a composite restoration on a single central incisor for an 18-year-old girl who was told at another office that she needed six porcelain veneers. She had enough common sense to know her former dentist was recommending treatment that could be suspect. My simple treatment impressed her and only cost about $200, while the veneers could have easily been $6,000 for the first round of many over her life.

I’m terrified that a person like Snooki has such power over our youth…but again we also have gynaecologists on Dr. Oz dictating the required frequency of periodontal treatment. If the dental profession can’t act responsibly then how can we complain about anything at all?

3 thoughts on “Snooki DDS – How Celebrities Can Help Dentists Destroy Teeth

  1. I can’t agree with you more, I just finished reading your Snooki Veneers book online, and at every page I was thinking, “yup”, “uh-huh”, and “exactly”. I have been in dentistry for many years, and within many of those years I have had the “privilege” of temping in offices which means I have come through the back door of hundreds of offices….literally. I can honestly say that most of what’s out there is marginal at best, if not down right horrible in many circumstances.
    Just because a person has multiple letters behind their name doesn’t mean that they have your best interests in hand. Bottom line, dentistry is a business, and if you lack passion for making a difference than you will do whatever it takes to pay the bills and keep your doors open.

    Although their are many dentists that care to do a good enough job, their are all too many that compromise on anything from materials, to inferior lab work, to not fully informing patients what is going on and what real options there are to treat.

    I like your passion to say what you really feel, and your gumption to give a shit in a profession of people who seem to either not think outside the box, are too afraid to be told no, or who are too busy telling people what they “should do”, instead of engaging them in real possibilities and long term ramifications.

    Thanks for keepin it real,

  2. Snooki is just a dumb celeb who got took .but the worry is normal people who dont have that kind of money and make life changing decisions they regret later.

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