Dentist Brain Plasticity Discovered

Who would have guessed a DT blogger to be in line for a Nobel Prize, but here it goes…just back from my oceanfront lab in Manzanillo, Mexico, and the answer is staring me in the face. I just inherited my wife’s Kindle and for some reason a few things happened in synch and the truth was revealed. It was there all the time and it would be wrong to hog all the glory but I don’t know if the people with the trophies like to give out extras. If they give me time to thank each person at a podium, I will work it into the acceptance speech.

This discovery is one small step to finding a cure for cosmetic dentistry gone wrong. Of course people with a mental illness are extremely difficult to treat but when the safety of the public is at stake we can’t just sit around for another decade or two and let the victims stack up. That goes against what we are supposed to be as ‘professionals.’ So sure it’s a big advance in understanding, and ‘yes’ it will give me even more things to brag about, but shucks, I just have a knack for solving the impossible.

What we have is a dentist with an actual change in perception working on ‘live people’…this is the place where the drill meets the enamel. After this article is published this is going to make a significant leap forward in our understanding of infectious cosmetic dentist brain toxicity ̶ the same disease mentioned in the introduction of my banned book ‘Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist’. Finally I have the science behind the cause of the illness, or at least enough to possibly get the Nobel.

Predicting the future, I would assume there will be a surge in proposals from dental schools for research on this but let’s not go there yet. I would rather get to the point and explain the precise elements of my discovery. The book ‘The Brain that Changes Itself’ by Norman Doidge that nudged me into another round of fame used the terms ‘brain plasticity’ and ‘brain mapping’ so I will add these words here although in my mind ‘silly putty’ may be a better fit. Not that I want the reader to think this is not perhaps the biggest or at least the latest discovery in our field in 2013, but because to most of us ‘plastic’ is injected molded and often able to withstand the heat of sterilization processing.

The same brain changes occur in pornography addicts, so I must assume any discovery will doubly help dentists who are addicted to both cosmetic dentistry and material as seen on www.Dentist.XXX. Don’t be surprised to find treatment centers pop up all over, but I will give you the option of some online therapy to fit almost any budget. The most basic of steps in a cosmetic dentist’s daily life is color selection and my discovery relates to the perception of ‘brightness’ or ‘whiteness’.

I propose that the cosmetic dentist’s brain actually changes and expands the ‘homunculus shade guide’ effectively adding unnaturally white shade tabs onto the map on the cortex of the brain. This relates to actual monkey studies where the area of the brain dedicated to areas of focus or learning become enhanced on the level of the neuron. To complicate matters and perhaps add to my collection of awards, I propose there is a relationship with the pleasure centers of the brain which relates to the color = money association.

This contamination of normal thinking all happens below or above the level of the cosmetic dentist’s consciousness. In fact, it becomes obvious to any of us that pick up cosmetic dental magazines or hardcore S&M that there is something wrong with them. Don’t they see that what they are doing is not ‘normal?’ According to my research the answer is ‘no’. They have developed a distorted pattern of perception which can be explained by the following:

As my own test subject and experimenter I booked a couple weeks at a small resort called ‘Los Suenos Del Mar’ not knowing that it would lead to such a blog blasting event. To keep it short and sweet, I exposed my skin to the sun’s rays to make it look like I had a sunny vacation. Being distracted by my reading I allowed my wife to pull ahead of me in the units of time and her skin reacted with the usual rich brown glow. My melatonin was not activated by my lazy reading in the shade, so on my last day I looked in the mirror thinking ‘I’m not very tan.’ After a four and a half hour flight and in a new environment (my own home) my mirror tells me otherwise. My skin appeared much darker and maybe I did have a tan after all. A different environment can help a person see things with new eyes.

Most readers would not make the association of this experiment and relate it to how some dentists start making teeth whiter and whiter. Perhaps a few dentists are now slapping their heads thinking they could have been the Nobel dentist. Sometimes the answers to big problems are right there in front of us. Please don’t make me explain how this relates to the unreliability of cosmetic dentist’s treatment planning due to the brain changes. The cure will involve, hmmmm let’s leave that topic for another time.

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